The initial licensing agreement for ACTS includes access to detailed online help guides that cover major functionality plus two 4-hour training sessions. Our training courses are customized to meet your organization's specific business needs and to optimize EHS workflows. Whatever your skill level with ACTS, we can design a training course right for you.

  • Key Personnel Training: This training is designed to help EHS professionals and managers understand ACTS functionality, so they can be effective primary users of the system.
  • System Administrator Training: Training designed to teach ACTS system administrators the key system preference settings, ETL tools, and IT function monitoring to effectively troubleshoot and administer the ACTS system. 
  • Power-User Training: Our power-user training helps users develop the skills to write advanced queries, calculations, and bulk data manipulations for the full use of ACTS functionality.
  • Customized Training: Ecocion also customizes training manuals and training sessions for any end-users (e.g. We train your personnel to enter key data).


Ecocion offers technical support, application upgrades and patches, newsletters, teleconference update calls, and access to user groups. Our ongoing support will give you access to the new modules that are developed to align with the latest regulatory requirements.

Best of all, when contacting Ecocion, you will never deal with call center support. A highly-qualified ACTS engineer is just an email or phone call away.