ACTS|O&G Implementation 

ACTS is provided as a full EHS suite, and licenses give your organization full access to all the functionality of our software. Your organization is free to determine which ACTS features are most relevant to your current needs, and Ecocion will implement those modules first. Additional functionality can be deployed over time.

Ecocion offers implementation services that are transparent and thorough. Ecocion consultants begin by learning about each client’s unique EHS, business, and IT infrastructure requirements, so they can develop a phased implementation plan. Because of ACTS' configured architecture, client databases can be set up and functioning in as few as two weeks.  

Ecocion will walk you through each step of the ACTS implementation process. These steps include:

  • Consultation and Research: We take the time to understand your organization's unique EHS, business, and IT infrastructure requirements and determine the best way to serve your organization’s needs.
  • Installation and Set-Up: ACTS is pre-loaded with industry-specific EHS functionality. We can have ACTS up and running in as few as two weeks.
  • System Integration and Data Loading: ACTS has comprehensive ETL tools for one-time and ongoing data feeds to subscribe asset inventories, user lists, operational data, and virtually any other data that will be accessed or utilized in ACTS. 
  • Training and Deployment: In addition to project documentation, Ecocion consultants can provide hands-on training either in person or via webex for primary ACTS users and more advanced ACTS administrators. Training sessions are offered periodically or can be customized and scheduled for client specific needs.
  • Legacy Data Transfer: During the process of transferring your data to ACTS, Ecocion’s experienced data team can take a “hands on” approach, or we can assist your company with more of a “hands off” approach.
  • Constant Analysis: Ecocion regularly updates ACTS to reflect new regulations, which helps optimize your business practices.