What is Ecocion?

Ecocion provides software services to environmental, health and safety (EHS) organizations around the world. Our 15+ year corporate history and extensive industry knowledge enable us to deliver superior solutions for organizations to address compliance requirements. Ecocion guides business leaders and EHS professionals to create a unified approach to addressing governance and risk.

Ecocion collaborates with clients to support a wide range of environmental-related technical and business projects. Our EHS software solutions and services have been utilized by some of Fortune 500's leading companies. 

What does Ecocion mean?

[i-ko-sahy-uhn; noun] 

  1. A conbination of two words: eco and cion.

    As part of a world; concerned with living things in relation to their environment.

    Cion: Variant of scion, meaning heritage.

  2.  A progressive company that specializes in delivering superior environmental solutions