The Asset & Compliance Tracking System™ (ACTS) is the comprehensive environmental management information system designed by experienced oil & gas EHS professionals to manage all of your environmental, GHG emissions, regulatory compliance and health and safety requirements from a single, easy to use online platform.

Key Features


The Assets feature offers clients a customizable hierarchy for their assets, e.g., equipment, facilities, regions, etc. The modules that comprise the Asset feature allow clients to store equipment specifications, operational/emissions data, inspections, analyses, leases, and other attributes.


The Compliance feature contains modules that store and track agency, regulation, and audit data. Clients can utilize operational, equipment, emission, and meteorological data to calculate emissions for any pollutant. Clients can also manage tasks and task reminders and facilitate employee training from these modules.


Clients can log and monitor spills, release events, and shutdowns using the Incident feature. For example, these modules allow clients to log scheduled/unscheduled shutdown/startup information for any piece of equipment. This information may be used for compliance reporting or emission calculations (i.e. determining if controlled or uncontrolled calculations should be used).


The Operations feature contains several modules that allow clients to run tests, record the status of tests, and log and categorize waste information and detailed analyses. Clients may also track chemicals that are delivered, used, and stored at each facility. This information helps streamline compliance reporting or emission calculations.


Clients can use the Reporting feature to view real-time data and performance indicators. They can also access pre-built or customized reports that emulate their existing company forms. The Reporting modules allow clients to preview, print, and export reports at their convenience.

Administrative Tools

The Tools feature allows system administrators to configure application settings, modify security, and perform bulk data manipulations throughout ACTS.

Note: For a more detailed list of ACTS|O&G modules and sub-modules, click here.